I have known Dr. Sukhada Chimote for about four years. Dr Nadkarni and herself have done many workshops for our organization on various themes based on REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy). She does not carry her brilliance either on shoulder or in her head, but uses it very effectively to simplify a difficult topic just enough so that the audience can relate to it. I have been impressed with her energy, attentive listening skills and clarity of thought. Not to forget her infectious smile, nowadays, becoming rare! Her wonderfully written on-the-fly notes (in her beautiful handwriting) have an important place in my personal archive. I am absolutely convinced that her talent, desire and work ethic will help her to excel in whatever she chooses to pursue. It has been an absolute pleasure, honor and privilege to know her. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

-Nikhil Anil Mokshi
General Manager,

I, Vinayak Bhide, am pleased to testify the noble services offered by Dr. Sukhada in the field of mental health as a consultant to various needy individuals & families and especially to children, adolescents & their parents, in other words, to the Society at large......
Dr. Sukhada, with high integrity and strong values, is focussing on providing the utmost levels of treating mental disorders by pharmacological means, very professionally, by way of counselling & / through psycho-education, which is truly commendable and these efforts of Dr. Sukhada deserve special mention.
Dr. Sukhada is very passionate about this great work / profession of hers and I wish her all the very best in this journey / endeavour. Thanks & regards,

-Vinayak M. Bhide
Head - Corp. Admin,1A ,KM,
Legal & Company Secretary,

I have attended many sessions conducted by Dr Sukhada Chimote for BPCL on various topics such as ‘Effective Parenting’, ‘Know your emotions’, ‘Coping stress’ and many more. I was impressed by her in-depth knowledge of the subject and her easy way of explaining even the complicated theory to the common people. She has made adept use of practical examples to make difficult concepts understandable. Her positive and informative style of sharing the knowledge of the subject goes a long way to lessen the stigma about Mental Health in our society.
She has a very good understanding and knowledge of REBT and makes very good use of it to make people introspect to find their own answers. She is always ready to explore new approaches and avenues of work in the field of Mental Health.
I wish her all the best to start her own website and look forward of exploring the website myself.

-Anupama Gokhale
Senior Manager ESE,
Mumbai Refinery,