Internship For Professionals

The Beautiful Mind
Institute For Psychological Health

Internship Program from 1st May to 30th May 2017

60 hours rigorous hand-on training in REBT - with Internship of one month
at The Beautiful Mind-Satellite office ,
Albert Ellis Institute Affiliated Training Center, India.

For details,
Contact - 8291462191
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Special advantages of doing your internship at The Beautiful Mind, IPH!

1) Direct history taking from clients, will be a special chance of clinical communication.

2) Getting to attend Psychiatric OPD with Dr. Sukhada, to observe & learn the application of counseling techniques.

3) Exposure to basic psychopharmacology, the knowledge of which will be useful to you for better understanding of your clients treatment protocols , as well as communication with concerned psychiatrist wherever necessary.

4) Chance to attend community / school workshops or events to take a hands on experience on application of REBT for community.

5) In addition to the sixty hours of the academic programme; the participants will get an opportunity to interact with Dr. Anand Nadkarni in two special sessions:
  1)REBT & Eastern Philosophy
  2)Application of REBT in different community settings.